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10 Tips for Personal Growth.

  1. Never allow other people’s thoughts and opinions define who you are.
  2. First change, within yourself, what you hope to change in others.
  3. You have two identities: the person that you are, and the person you want to be. Try to keep the distance between the two as small as possible.
  4. Always consider yourself no more a citizen and no more entitled than the man, woman or child next to you- no matter what position you may hold.
  5. Focus on the things that are within your power to change; all other things should be of little importance.
  6. Be prepared to take risks in life; those who don’t avoid pain, heartache and sorrow will never learn, love, feel, change or grow.
  7. Never let those things which cannot be measured, such as, power, money and wealth be the driving force behind your life’s decisions.
  8. Don’t discount the influence that even the smallest kind gesture can have on another individual.
  9. If you cannot, or choose not to, reach out to another individual and help elevate that person to a higher level, at the very least do not block his or her path.
  10. Remember the past, but do not hold on to it. Look forward to the future, but do not depend on it. Live only for the present moment, and be grateful for it.